Network System Requirements

*Minimum 100 Mbps network interfaces on all PCs (1Gbps recommended) *Hardwired Ethernet connections (wireless networks can have frequent interruptions in service) *Use of a single router whenever possible. * All shared computers should be in the same sub-net and Windows workgroup *Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista (ADAM does not supported Apple Devices) *2 GHz processor (3.2 GHz or equivalent recommended) *2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended) *1 GB of free hard disk space (2GB recommended)

Minimize errors and retain more profit for the auction.

Screens are easy to read so your tellers won't miss anything. The buyer's fees are conveniently displayed and totaled on the checkout update screen. The buyers "browse" screen Select a Buyer and choose "Check out" option. Verify the correct buyer and vehicle and simply enter in the sale $$$$amount.

Special Features

* Public Sale: Upon request. * Self Check-In Dealer Kiosk. * IRS 8300 Reporting Market Report. * Report to PDF. *Custom Forms and Invoice customization and other forms at minimal fees. * Bidders badges Buyers and guests *See at a glance who is registered for the days sale *See who is attending the sale *Rollover the unsold units to the next sale

Quick Check-In Process

* ADAM automatic fills in year and make determined from the VIN#.  * Convenient locator window allows you to choose a seller from your company list of dealers * Vehicle expenses like fuel, transport, cleaning, etc can be assigned to a specific unit * Check-in customized invoice or standard invoice * Check-in roster by lane number * The "Print Roster" button prints a summary with unit totals